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    ALL (EASY) CLUES ARE IN SAFE AREAS. With that being said here's all the (easy) clue scroll locations for ECO-PS, have fun and goodluck! Teleport - Training - Chicken pen - Behind the western wall. Teleport - Skills - Mining - Mining pit - The tile in between the mining instructor and the flower. Teleport - Skills - Slayer - Slayer tower - 5 tiles from the torch on the southern wall. Teleport - Training - Rock crabs - Run noth near the waters edge. Teleport - Skills - Fishing - One tile west from the rock sticking out of the water. Teleport - Skills - Prayer - Walk to the most south western point of the rug then one tile north. Teleport - Home - Run the the bank then 1 tile north of decanter. Teleport - Skills - Slayer - Slayer master - if your slayer master is not Vannaka use edville dungeon teleport and run north, then east, 2 tiles south of vannaka. Teleports - Minigame - Warrior guild - In the room with a potion icon just in front of the table. Teleports - Bosses - King black dragon - 2 tiles west and 13 north from the southern lever on the wall. Teleport - Minigame - Recipe for disaster - Just outside between the clothing shop and the tent. Teleport - Skills - Farming - South western tile of the flower patch. Teleport - Bosses - Tourmented demons - To the west behind the fire. Teleport - skills - Dungeoneering - To the west behind the wall. All the locations for (easy) clue scrolls in ECO-PS. Big thanks to: Allie boo and Blesian for the clues 🙂
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    Thank you for the application Chris
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    Amazing work @Chirs! I will pin it.
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